1998-2003 - related sculpture, prints, and movies

Two Tiered Bldg 1999, glass, copper, sculpey, 2.25"x3"x0.75"

Garage 2005, 2:35 (Plasma movie,plays in Quicktime), by Peter Moser & Andrew Keating

2 Tiered Structure 1999, planagraph (edition) 22"x30"

Clear Glass Bldg 1999, blown and formed glass, 15"x4"x4"

Thumb Bldg 1999, cast glass, 1.875"x1"x0.75"

Bldg, My Teeth 1999-2001, cast glass, 1.75"x0.625"x2"

Pig Bldg, 2002, acrylic, cardboard, paper, 8"x11"x5"

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